Saturday, March 26, 2011


Since my blog accidentally got publicized and I decided not to object it, I decided to write this primer for the readers who are new to my blog.

Comments are not allowed, because although I really wished that this blog became a healthy debate ground, it was irrelevant and impossible. A culture of healthy commenting is not there yet. Also I observed if people agree to my philosophies they tend to nod and go silent. But People who did not understand them always left comments. But life goes on... instead of chasing hard people who did not or are not capable of understanding the things here... it may be better to focus on productivity and go on... I hope the impact will be greater.

Another very important point is - this blog is not about me. Do not ever try to judge my personal existence over what I write and create an imaginary Ganzorig out of what I say. This will be a complete disaster. The topic Ganzorig here is irrelevant. The material Ganzorig will be non existent in just a few decades - a blink of an eye in a spatial time.

From time to time there would be small errors and omissions - but one should observe that everything I write is based on my 25 years of rigorous philosophical quest. I reckon it is simply impossible for a young philosopher to understand everything. It is the question of time, not the intelligence - it is the question of devotion not cunning to understand everything I write.

For this MUST READ session I included the key posts from the past.

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