Sunday, January 2, 2011

swim across

Here is a big river in front of you. And you know there is everything on the other side.

It seems freezing cold, strong current that will pull you down, dark water implies a depth of at least 15 meters. Everyone on your side is afraid to swim across. Although everyone was told there is no raft, or freeride type of thing to get them across, they all hope for a luck, they wait for a luck.


Maybe actually the river is not as deep as it seems, or when you put your feet its warm water embraces on you - in the end you could swim across it.


Either way its a terrible mistake. River is a river. Does it depend on your imagination. Hell no. Stop trying to imagine everything around you. Because your imagination is based on your knowledge and your previous experiences. But is that all. You know its not. You know your knowledge covers just a tiny bit of the real universe. Your previous experience telling you "a dark looking river must be deep" does not mean anything. A river with lots of fungi growth could look dark but could be shallow.

At first you may end up speculating about all dangers and monsters inside the river that stop you from swimming across. And you waste your entire life.

Dont fail to try, but try to fail...

Secondly you may end up drowning and eventually die because of poor preparation. You try to fail and congratulations! you got it. You just failed and its permanent.


Its very simple, just become a river-cross-swimmer.

A practitioner and professional who can swim across the river in any circumstances, with any depth and width and current.

Deserve to get across the river.

Swim it across.

Question your ability of swimming - to not defy your motives but to sharpen your preparation and grow more confidence.

Identify your flaws and work on them, but do not lose yourself - you are special - do not lose yourself.

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