Friday, June 1, 2012

Failed Democracy

After 20 years transforming into democracy, Mongolia swiftly approaches a state of Failed Democracy.
A huge gap is established between the people, whom majority are poor, and politicians, who 
constantly fail to understand the real values and philosophies of Democracy and the needs of the People as well as
business leaders who fails to understand true meaning of free market economy and only seek after money most of the time. 
Systems infrastructure organizations as such as EDUCATION and HEALTH were deserted. Their status fell from
the top social institution (socialist time) to a low grade, low attention government entity level. 
As a result, generations after generations of children received/has been receiving dismal education from the lowest
paid teachers - at public secondary schools and colleges. 
As a result, there is no national policy and enforcement to lengthen people's lives, to make the living environment 
safer, healthier and to prevent people from acquiring diseases that are from an unhealthy environment. 
Mongolia ranks NUMBER ONE in the world, with highest number of people dying from cancer per 100,000 population.
In a typical FAILED DEMOCRACY the following observations are made…
Free is often misunderstood as denoting - Free from Responsibility. Rights is understood as Right to use priviliged information 
for own sake. That is synonumous as Politician is using priviliged information (not available to public) for his own business.
Market means here, that government does not have any responsibility for Development and/or Going forward, but when it 
comes to licensing, every step is controlled strictly by government, which proliferates Corruption.
It was initially thanks to a misunderstanding and mostly natural. But eventually uneducated population is kept from education
so that they do not and can not understand what is happening. Politicians themselves become victims of this vicious cycle.
It is only worth to promise more bread to get elected, TOMORROW is not a matter in a Failed democracry.
A group of leaders can change this by maximizing impact using synergy. 

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