Wednesday, June 29, 2011


A Non conscious person has a probability of 0.00000003 to become a billionaire. That is 220 billionaires in 7 billion persons. Imagine firing 7 billion balls at a basketball net from one kilometer distance - about 220 will randomly hit the basket. This can be explained as a simple probabilistic nature of the universe. Some may go under radar, but some will boast themselves and become public figures like Donald Trump. If one sees close enough it will be quite clear that Donald Trump uses no intricate arts of business except crazy-like-leveraging that most of his fellow some 200 billionaires use.

A Very Conscious person has no chance to become a billionaire. Most probably a life that is paradox, a smart person who is one step ahead of most in understanding the nature of universe but also one step short in terms of such understanding from some. He has smaller chance to become billionaire because he is risk averse without true understanding of risk itself, he is better conscious of the environment but short of vision, he is rich in knowledge but short of philosophies. He dies as an intelligent but poor person with complex life.

But a Truly Conscious person has no interest in becoming billionaire. He is two steps ahead average person in understanding the universe, the meaning of life. Some fellows of Trump eventually evolves to the third stage, luckily, people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet gives away all their fortune and leaves exclusively nothing for their children - to let their children find the meaning of life themselves....

Also there might be a few steps more...

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