Saturday, August 30, 2008

Imperfect perfection /english ver/

I am translating my earlier post into english.

A perfect thing can not exist in any society, because the definition for perfection comes from the same society. Because the society consists of groups of people who have different tastes and all these groups can't reach an ultimate common interest. Also the definition for perfection changes as society progresses. So that, there comes a notion about imperfect perfect thing.
Now, I try to define the perfection that would be true in any circumstance and any society.
Let us think that a woman is looking for a right man. Obviously she looks for a perfect man. Assume the woman believes a perfect man should be tall, intelligent, strong and handsome. But for millions of years no man was able to posses all these attributes at the same time. Genetically one or the other attribute prevailed each other for some reasons. If a man is genius then probably he is not a good sportsman. Based on such experience a society has built up its own perception about a man. An experience tells society that a tall and strong man is never super intelligent. So we can easily see that the society itself rejects the notion about the super perfect man.
In our case, let us assume that the woman found the man she wanted. Even so, the society will reject the man and of course there will be lots of complications because of this.
Therefore we can define the perfect to be the average of society, which can be accepted for everyone. To take things relative to its time or attributes, a perfect things is the average thing and we can say an average man is relatively a perfect man. We can say that imperfect perfect thing is the average perfection.

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