Saturday, August 30, 2008

Best management principles

A measure of success could be differing from person to person, society to society. Nevertheless for each person, each job to be successful in their relative measure following 3 factors are needed: 1. Determination /heart-commitment to accomplish and do the task/ 2. Knowledge /intelligence, information and know how/ 3. Luck /probability - external, environmental, macro factors affecting the output/

A business is a socio-economic phenomenon that inspires people to work in teams to reach their common goal. A success in this case is defined when people these people reach their common goals.

A management is the fundamental technology for the business to be successful, based on previously mentioned 3 factors. So that, for anyone who is involved in a business, it is natural that she/he looks for the best management technology.

Three fundamental principles for the best management:
1. It is impossible to determine the best management technology.

2. Only by comparing the outcomes, the best management style is defined.
From two different management approaches,
3. The best management can relatively be determined in a way that the probability of success is maximized.

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