Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mastering the Mind


We are shaped by conditions. Our environment defines who we are. Our parents, friends, media affect how we see the world.

Our habits and behaviors are usually reflection of those conditions. In turn we are the collections and unity of those habits and behaviors.

As Simone.D.B stated "Body is just one condition, does not determine the destiny."

"Don't treat child like that, because she is a girl" - we, as parents, create false conditions to promote gender inequality. How can you expect your girl to become a CEO since you have always treated her like a secondary, weak species.

"I was born poor, so I have lacked all the privileges to become successful" - kind of an unnecessary deficiency shock that ultimately leads to a failure in life. It is not the fact being poor that is leading to poverty but this mere wrongful feeling that is ensuring the poverty.

Think of Nick Vujicic, a person without limbs because of a rare disorder, who became the leading inspirational speaker.

Feelings and emotions are powerful survival tools, but they are not thinking. A thinking, the product of MIND seems to be the only differentiating factor of a human and other animals. Animals have feelings and emotions not thinking.

World famous economist Steven.D.Levitt wrote in his latest "Freakonomics" series that people are too lazy to think. Most often people limit their minds by conditions they are within.


When I was trader, I was fascinated how no one could knew about the price of gold next month but how everyone had a "clear" explanation after gold had surged or plummeted. Everyday I analyzed and read all the news, I was dazzled by ready explanations that follows any global event that sounded fake.

That is why I have left my passion (trading) and started a journey to seek the truth. It seemed to be that we, in the financial markets, were bombarded by news and information that can not represent the REALITY. The news were done not to represent the REALITY but offer a plausible version of it that everyone would be satisfied of. Traders, in general were too lazy to work their MINDS and stipulate the REALITY. Instead they were prone to and satisfied enough to receive a version of REALITY produced by someone else.

Later on I came across this very pleasing passage from The Black Swan by philosopher N.Taleb.

"""One day in December 2003, when Saddam Hussein was captured, Bloomberg News flashed the following headline at 13:01: u.s. TREASURIES RISE ; HUSSEIN CAPTURE MAY NOT CURB TERRORISM.
Whenever there is a market move, the news media feel obligated to give the "reason." Half an hour later, they had to issue a new headline. As these U.S. Treasury bonds fell in price (they fluctuate all day long, so there was nothing special about that), Bloomberg News had a new reason for the fall: Saddam's capture (the same Saddam). At 13:31 they issued the next bulletin: u.s. TREASURIES FALL ; HUSSEIN CAPTURE BOOSTS ALLURE OF RISKY ASSETS .""" Real passage from Black Swan, Nassim Taleb.

REALITY is independent of us, independent of our genders, our emotions, our behaviors.


We became consumers of truth versions without ever thinking of the validity of such information.

Mind is used to produce not to consume.

But if we do not exert on our minds and work our minds, we will always be consumers of reality/truth.

Meditation is about working our minds. Not "not thinking about anything". I have never studied meditation in my life but it is very clear to me that Buddhist philosophers were pondering on the question "How to make people think?!". They had to come up with some tool readily available for people.

Meditation is to separate our minds from conditions/behaviors/emotions/feelings/habits and focus it on finding the reality.

(My own version of tool, focusing on reality is called Fundamental Thinking. I would not be surprised if it is very similar to Meditation.)


As all these considered, there is only one version of Reality to be seen by humankind.

Therefore, philosophical conclusion is that Reality is only one and ultimate. Truth is only one and ultimate.

They are there to be seen by humankind, free of conditions.

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