Monday, July 18, 2011

Quantum uncertainy

I have studied quantum physics for the past 3 weeks.

Quantum or sub-atomic level
The discovery is - scientists i.e. quant physicists have no clue about the fundamental building blocks, their reactions, energy interactions or whatever that we are made of. No one understands clearly how we get mass, how quantum interactions relate to worldly interactions i.e. the apparent mis-relationship between newtonian physics and quantum physics. The one of prevailing String Theory sounds like a kids imagination without any sound mathematical support to it. Standard Model hypothesizes sub-atomic particles but fails when it comes to gravity and energy interactions. Newtonian physics and Einsteins relativity can not describe quantum matters, from which we are all made of. Without understanding the building blocks and its energy interactions, Newtonian physics may fail at some point to explain celestial objects thoroughly.

Universal level
The origin of the universe is nothing but a speculation. We have no understanding about 99.6% of the universe where it is prevailed by Dark Matter and Dark Energy - of which we have no clue.

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