Saturday, March 7, 2009

Life is a feeling

Life is about getting a feeling. Everyday we get different feelings. We strive to get a positive feeling every time.

We pay more for V8 engine car just for a better feeling, we also pay extra for wooden interior trim to get a better feeling, whereas these options doesn't make any difference for car to perform its duties, to move.

We get the feeling from many things, every step we make, every move we make, we generate a feeling. If we get more negative feelings than positive ones, life gets difficult and we become stressed, even can go into depression. People gets angrier and harsh.

An option to overcome negative feelings is to practice meditation. While meditating people can forget bad things or bad experiences, or they can see them from different angle so those negative feelings bother them not anymore.

Though a meditation can be beneficial for a single person, I criticize meditation on one aspect. Practicing a meditation is actually non socially responsible act. A man is a social animal and the community is the biggest place we get and spread the feelings. A meditation could have been beneficial for a man if he was not a pack hunter and living in a cave alone. The time everyone practices meditation so deeply will again be a cave time.

The biggest problem with man is she is designed to develop in pack. She always fights with the sources of the negative feelings in the community, environment and interactions. It is not about fighting the negative feelings themselves, but it is about to fight with the sources of the negative feelings and creates the factors for positive feelings. Who needed a car? Why we debate for democracy? Why a man should be socially responsible?

There are different types of positive and negative feelings. They can usually be classified by the time it remains in the memory or a "stick factor" for a man. Materially evolved feelings usually stay short term, whereas emotionally evolved feelings can stay very long term. Emotional feeling is very difficult to describe because these feelings are usually generated from social interactions of a man. Lets say the man has done a charity and he made lots of kids happy. Or a man has hurt someone physically or emotionally. Compared to driving a sports car, or even a good sex these non material feelings are very deep and long.

Again I am getting into a point that man gets the best positive feeling by doing good deeds towards others in his community, even though these good deeds does not benefit him materially.

The principal design for a man is he is destined to have a principal to bear a social responsibility, in which he will be fighting with negative feelings and
create positive feelings himself.

In that regard, this explains very easily why we are here at this point and where we are headed. It is just about a balance between long and short feelings or whether today's community is more inclined to prefer material feelings because of a wrong conventional wisdom or we are going into a right direction.

We might be committing a great mistake by destroying the environment for the sake of materially positive feelings like cars, expensive living style and war. But if we can argue that the fundamental motives behind all these developments are based on our central design and to generate more positive feelings, why should it be wrong?

Seems like this is very good paradox...

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