Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tesla and the energy we don't know

Tesla was not only a scientist born 150 years ago, but also the person invented wireless transmission, radio, showed it possible that we can transmit electric energy without wires. Interestingly Tesla also believed that it was only a matter of time the mankind start harvesting the energy throughout the universe.
Maybe he was telling about the dark energy, the energy we are yet to know. True or not, it was claimed and agreed that 96% of our universe is made of dark energy and dark matter, the scientific discovery that has been made while we were studying and searching for the evidence of blackhole. The remaining 4% is us and what we can feel and sense, the stars and galaxies. More than 80% out of 96% is made of dark energy making it the single largest ingredient in the universe. A mysterious form of energy we can not even imagine.

Oil price of 136 pbl, hungry stomachs of 2.3 billion people, who were not on the radar screens of global economy, trade and geopolitics... A record price of everything... This new era began from early 90's is as mysterious as dark energy for a small kid to a seasoned economist. No one knows what will happen next. Not a single cashflow projection turns out to be true. We are talking billions, who are leveraging www and globalization to learn things in clicks not in years. Is it overwhelming number or priceless knowledge in lieu of new social networking thanks to www or both? We don't want to know. What we can imagine are depletion, depletion and depletion. Everything will be depleted. Most of our energy sources are too. We have achieved too little in exploiting renewable energies in the past. Don't fascinated by fancy marketing ads, in reality more than 90% of our energy comes from oil, gas and coal.

If we don't find an alternate source for energy, soon we will be going back to caves lacking the electricity to start our laptops. Can we make it quickly and get the dark energy to play on our side before its too late? If it is distant enough, I am lucky enough to cease to exist before we deplete our energy sources and make further breakthroughs in genetic manipulation and stem cell research...

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